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Psychological Assessment & Counselling Centre 


Evangel Hospital is committed to providing holistic care to the neighbourhood in the community. Through professional psychological assessment and counselling, the Centre assists clients to gain better understanding of their mental health state and relational situations, to overcome struggles, and to work towards transformation and growth.


Details of Psychological Assessment & Counselling Centre


Optometric Centre

The brand new Optometric Centre of the Evangel Hospital located at Chun Seen Mei Chuen (opposite of Evangel Hospital) is newly opened in Dec 2017. It provides comprehensive eye care assessments, refraction and optical dispensing services to the neighborhood. The new Centre adopts simple and modern design, providing you a comfortable environment while enjoying our professional services.


Details of Optometric Centre



  • Orthopaedics
  • Neurology and Elderly Rehabilitation
  • Internal Medicine & Surgery
  • Women's Health
  • Paediatics
  • Orthotic Insole


Details of Physiotherapy Service



Dietetics Counseling Services


Our registered dietitian provides personalized dietary advice to both in-patients and out-patients according to their medical condition and nutrition needs.


Details of Dietetics Counseling Services



The pharmacy department consists of professionally qualified and experienced pharmacists and dispensers. We are committed to monitor and optismise the use of medications to provide high-quality, safe, and comprehensive pharmacy services to the patients.


Details of Pharmacy Service


Chaplaincy Service


In accordance with the Evangel Hospital’s mission “Holistic Healing and Compassionate Care”, we provide chaplaincy service to patients and their family members, as well as hospital staff.  We live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the visible Love of God through our care and visits.


Details of Chaplaincy Service

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