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Summer Afternoon Checkup Discount
Afternoon Checkup Discount: 2pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday (Not available on Sunday and Public Holidays)   Promotion Period: 17 Jul 2024 - 31 Aug 2024 (Appointment is needed)   Details of Offer Medical Checkup Page     Enquiry & AppointmentTel: 2711 5222 
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Father 's Day Offer on Medical Checkup (Up to 57% Off)
This Father's Day, give him the most precious gift!Evangel Hospital provides special discounts on specific medical checkup plans (up to 57% off) to meet your needs.Anyone who join the following Plans during the promotion period can enjoy a fee Prostate Ultrasound examination / PSA Test. Please check the details in the links below. Welcome to contact us for enquiry or appointment.   Promotion Period:  17 Jun 2024 - 16 Jul 2024 Superior Comprehensive Checkup (Male) (46%off) Wonderful Life Checkup (47%off)  Brilliant Genius Checkup(57%off) Peaceful Elders Checkup (54%off)   Plan DetailsMedical Checkup Page     Enquiry & AppointmentTel: 2711 5222 
weight management children 202406
Children and Youth Weight Management Program
【兒童及青少年健營體重管理計劃】   暑假大變身!不用「捱餓」,健康地飽住瘦營養師制訂健康餐單 + 物理治療師設計運動計劃 (對象6-18歲人士)   全科醫生診症 1次 註冊營養師指導 5次 物理治療師運動指導 4次 體能測試 2次   優惠價:$3530  原價:$4,410   Details of Dietetics Counselling Service   Enquiry & Appointment Tel: 2711 5222
天灸 poster 202406
傳統的天灸多在三伏天進行,稱為「三伏天灸」。三伏天的日期是按照中國傳統的干支紀日法來推算,選一年中陽氣最旺之時候施以治療。三伏天灸是以中醫學「冬病夏治」「春夏養陽」等理論為依據,針對冬天容易發作的復發性疾病,例如哮喘,提早在夏天作預防性治療,以減低冬天的發病率。   2024年三伏天灸 :收費:$640   服務地點 :播道醫院中醫診所   查詢及預約 電話: 2762 2218
cataract poster 20240507
Cataract Surgery Discounted Package
Cataract Surgery Discounted Package includes :   Phacoemulsification Hospital’s surgeon fee (under Local Anaesthesia) Operating theatre charge, instrument, equipment and consumables for operation Essential medication for operation Designated transparent or Yellow-tinted Intraocular lens (Monofocal) Pre-op and Post-op Nursing care and treatment Two follow-up sessions at OPD (within 6 weeks after operation)* Comprehensive eye examination at our Hospital (within 3 months after operation) *The package fee does not include the first outpatient consultation fee and functional intraocular lens (advanced lens)     Package price:Start at $19,800 Original price : $20,800 (One Eye & For Day Case Only)       Package Details Service Leaflet Details of Operation Service       Cataract Surgery HotlineTel : 2760 3420 (Outpatient Dept)     WhatsApp EnquiryTel : 5990 1934           Evangel Hospital YouTube Channel : E-Health   Chapter 2: Cataract - Types of intraocular lens, Post-surgical care (Dr. Yau Kin - Specialist in Ophthalmology)       Chapter 1: Cataract - Trend, Symptoms & Treatments (Dr. Yau Kin - Specialist in Ophthalmology)        
【預防子宮頸癌,從HPV DNA檢測做起】   衞生署建議30-64歲婦女可採用人類乳頭瘤病毒檢測(HPV DNA),作為篩查子宮頸癌的其中一個方法。 HPV DNA檢測靈敏度較高,能於較早期發現癌前病變;如檢測結果為陰性,只要每5年檢測一次便可。   播道醫院現正推出HPV DNA檢測優惠 $850,已參加體檢的女士只需另加$490,即可進行檢測。HPV DNA檢測 + 柏氏抹片優惠 $1,100,已參加體檢的女士只需另加$890。   優惠期: 即日起 - 2024年12月31日   Information of Medical Checkup   Enquiry & Appointment2760 3420
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