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Checkup Preparation Reminder

  • Fasting Blood Test or Ultrasound of Hepatobiliary System: Client should keep no food for at least 6 hours before the checkup appointment (avoid eating gum or sugar) and can drink a small amount of water only.
  • Saving Stool Specimen : you can go to the Outpatient Department of Evangel Hospital to get a stool specimen bottle; or buy a clean twisted cap bottle yourself. You can save the stool specimen one night before the appointment or the same morning, the amount about 5 cents. And please indicate the time and date of defecation on the bottle.
  • Female : If you need a Pap smear test (For cervical cancer investigation), you need to save a urine specimen before you see the doctor. You can check with the nurse station staff after registration.


Checkup Preparation Reminder



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