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Allied Health Service



The pharmacy department consists of professionally qualified and experienced pharmacists and dispensers. We are committed to monitor and optismise the use of medications to provide high-quality, safe, and comprehensive pharmacy services to the patients.


The ordering, storage, and management of medicines comply with all local government legislation and international accreditation bodies' professional standards, to ensure the medications quality are up to the standard and safety requirements.



Pharmacy Services : 


  • In- and Out-Patient Dispensing Service


  • Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution Service


  • Clinical Pharmacy Service
    • Aim to help our patients get the best from medicines by ensuring safe and cost-effective medication prescribing and dispensing.


  • A team of pharmacists participates in a range of activities, including clinical review, antibiotics and therapeutic drug monitoring, adverse drug reaction management, and medicine counseling upon patient discharge. Pharmacists will document the clinical intervention and audits is conducted regularly to monitor and improve the quality of services provided continuously.


  • Drug Education & Patient Counseling
    • Provide drug information and ensure the safety and effective use of drugs for patients.


  • Drug information service
    • Answer drug-related enquiries. 
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